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ALK-Abello A/S

AstraZeneca AB


Bavarian Nordic A/S

Bifodan A/S

Cederroth A/S

Chr. Hansen A/S

Dansk Farmaceutisk Institut A/S

DB Lab A/S

Det pharmaceutiske fakultet

Donsmarc Proces Technology A/S

Fertin Farma A/S

Ferrosan A/S

Frecenius Medical care A/S

Galenica AB

Gebrüder Lödige Machinbau Gmbh

GK Pharma ApS

Glaxo Smithkline

HB Medical ApS

Herlev Centralapotek

Jemopharm A/S

Leo Pharma A/S

Lifecycle Pharma A/S

Lundbeck A/S

MykoVital Heilpilze GmbH

Novo Nordisk A/S

Nycomed A/S

O'Hara Technologies Inc.


Orkla Health

Persano Group A/S

Pharma Nord ApS

Pharma Vinci A/S

Propharma Aps

Sandoz A

Scanpharm A/S

Statens Serum Institut A/S

Unomedical A/S

Viminco A/S

Vitamix Production AB

Watson Marlow Flexicon A/S

Weifa AS

Winther Medico A/S


Almén Cosmetic Group AB

Aluflam Aps

Borup Kemi I/S

Bøgeris Transportbånd A/S

CH Byg Aps

Dansk Retur System A/S

GH Form Aps

Gosh Cosmetics A/S

Hallins AB

Mac Baren Tobacco Company

MC Byg A/S

Mellisa Naturkosmetik

Midtsjællands Byggeservice A/S

Molytex A/S

Omron A/S

Omron A/S

Promens Danmark A/S

Promens Norge AS

Proren A/S

Rockwool A/S

Scandinavian Packaging A/S​

Tomra Systems A/S



DB Lab A/S

Det pharmaceutiske fakultet

Gebrüder Lödige Machinbau Gmbh

Glaxo Smithkline

Haldor Topsoe A/S

Herlev Centralapotek

Klifo A/S

Risø Forskningscenter

Sandoz A/S

Sterigenics A/S

VWR Bie & Berntsen A/S

​Weifa AS

Food & Beverage

Alefarm Brewing
A.P. Grønt
Arla Foods Amba
Arentdals Bryggeri AS
Aqua Blue
Aqua D'or Mineral Water DANONE
Baldersbrønde Bryggeri/Nørrebro Bryghus A/S
Barlingbro Bryggeri
Bornholms Valsemølle
Bryghuset Braustein
Bryghuset Møn
Bøgedal Bryghus
CFS Slagelse A/S
Chris Wine Denmark A/S
Coppersmith Bryggeri
Coca-Cola European Partner
Danish Bottling Company

Distileriet Als
Drik Det
Emidan A/S
Fan Milk International A/S
Frankly Juice
Gartneriet Regnemark
Globus Wine A/S
Gotlands Bryggeri
Grebbestad Bryggeri
Guttsta Källa AB
Hans Just A/S
Hareskovens Bryggeri
Helsingborg Brewery

Klackabackens Bryggeri
Kreatina A/S
Mora Bryggeri AB
Nagelbjerg Vin
Numedal Stasjon Bryggeri
Næstved Bryghus
Oppigårds Bryggeri
OLVi Brewery
Orkla Foods Danmark
Orskov Food A/S
Packarna i Skåne AB
Peterborg Gård AB
Primodan A/S
PureNorway Water AS
Randers Bryghus
Rynkeby Foods A/S
Santa Maria​​ AB (PAULIG)
Scandic Food A/S
Skan Wine A/S
Sprit Fabrikken Danmark A/S
Stabburet - Orkla Food
Stjørdals Bryggeri
Stenkulla brunn AB
Synnøe Finden AS
Søbogaard ApS
Taster Wine A/S
Thy Bær
Tine Meierie
Total Produce Nordic
Vandkefir Perler
Vildsund Blue
Valio Ltd
WISH Juice
Årø Vingård
Österleens Mejeri DANONE

Latest News

FachPach Exhibition_24-26 Sep 2019_ Nuremberg-Germany
​-FTSystem. Supplier of Container inspection and monitoring solutions
​-LANGGUTH. Manufaturer of Labelling machines - , beverages, food and pharmaceuticals industrie
​-Heino Ilsemann. Specializes in the development and production of complete packaging lines, for the industries pharmaceutical, tissue and multimedia

​​• BrauBeviale Exhibition_ 12-14 Nov 2019 _ Nuremberg-Germany
​-Cavagnino & Gatti. Manufaturer of labelling machines, showroom in Hall 7- Stand 7-841

-CLARANOR. Manufaturer of sterilization equipment, Showroom at the German agent  LOEHRKE 

-FTSystem. Supplier of Container inspection and monitoring solutions

Simei Exhibition_ 19-22 Nov 2019 _ Milano - Italy

-Cavagnino & Gatti. Manufaturer of Labelling machines, showroom at Pad 15_ Stand P11-R12​

Interpack Exhibition_7-13 May 2020 _ Dusseldorf - Germany

-AXOMATIC. Projecting and realizing automatic machines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chimical and food sectors

EB Teknik Borup will be at the the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.

You will find Filling, Capping, BiB, Nitrogen Doser, Control & Inspection Systems, Labeling and Packaging Machines as well of Hot Melt for Packaging and Wet glue for labels.

For more information, please contact Bo Dalskov.


Here you will find a part of our suppliers. Are you visiting ANUGA, please contact us for further details.

Hall 8 C048 D049 F.B.L. Food Machinery

Filling- and capping machines for the food industri, such as jams, ketchup, mayo, ect.

Hall 7.1 C108 Claranor

Pulsed Light Sterilisation equipment for inline sterilisation of cans, caps, capsules, preform and containers, typical for packaging material used for sensitive products with low or non preservatives.

Hall 81 C-039 ZALKIN

Capping machines for all kind of caps.

HALL 8 E 040 Carlo Migliavacca

Filling machine for Hot Filling of marmelade ect and products with pieces.

Langguth GmbH

Labellling machines for all kind of containers and bottles.​

Drinktec München 11.-15 Sep. 2017

You will find our suppliers at Europe's most important trade fair in the beverages industry.

Hall C3 101. VacuumBarriereSystemsWill show Nitrogen dosers.

Hall C3 101. LANGGUTH Will show labeling machines for bottles, jars & cans.

Hall B5 319. cph Deutschland Will show a broad range of glues for labeling and packaging.

Hall A5 331. FT System Will Show control and inspection systems.

For further details about the companies or machines! please contact our Customer Service.​


Interpack Exhibition in Dusseldorf

Between Maj 4-10 2017

Visit our suppliers!

Hall 8 A 76 BAUMER - Wrap Around, traypacking and heat shrink packing - Beverage and Food industries

Hall 8 A C79 FT Systems - Control systems - Beverage, food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 11 F 20 STRATEC BBULL - Control Systems - Beverage, food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 13 B 40 VBS - Liquid Nitrogen Doser LN2 – Beverage and Food industries

Hall 13 D 63 Langguth - Labelling machines - Beverage, Food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 15 B 56 CREMER - Tablet counting and packaging system – Pharma and Confectionary industries

Hall 16 F 24 AXOMATIC ​ - Tube and bottle filling systems–Cosmetic, Pharma and Food industries

Hall 16 D 23 HEINO ILSEMANN - Blisterpacks and packing – Pharma, Medico & Cosmetic industries

Hall 16 F 19 PackFeeder - Unscrambler for bottles – Beverage, Chem-Tech, Cosmetic and Pharma industries

Hall 14 E 31 ZALKIN - Capping machines for all industries

If you need mor info! please contact us.

FOODTECH Exhibition in Herning (DK) Between November 1-3 2016.

Booths No. L9312


Filling machine for beverage

Labeling machines for self-adhieves and cold glue labels

Label Glue & Hotmelt packaging glue


New lines of fillers for beer from Gruppo Bertolaso with very competitive prices in high quality.


Extend the shelf life and increase the strength of your PET bottles with liquid Nitrogen.

Read more about it ►


EB Teknik Borup A/S

Reg. no.: 11576494


Bækgårdsvej 47

DK-4140 Borup


EB Teknik Borup A/S
Bækgårdsvej 47
4140 Borup