" The visions of EB Teknik Borup is to provide service and quality on a professional hilh level.

To develop a reconized company that creates respect for the things we create jointly with our customers."


EB Teknik Borup has employed Abel Sars as a Field Service Technician, Abel has many years of experience as a field service technician. Abel is Dutch, but resides in Denmark and he will strengthen our service department. Abel will primarily take care of our customers in Scandinavia.



                               EB Teknik Borup will be at the Scanpack 2018 Exhibition in Gothenburg.

                                                                                        23th - 26th October 2018

packmaster ii at frankly

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We have focus on the beverage industry showing monoblock filling and capping machines. Liqúid Nitrogen Doser. Control Systems. Labeling. Hot Melt Glue for packaging and Wet Glue for labeling. Packaging machines and Inline Sterilisation Systems.

We serve customers in all Scandinavia. Please make us a visit!

FOODTECH Exhibition in Herning - Denmark.

November 1-3. 2016.

Booths No. L9312.

FoodTech is Northern Europe's leading trade fair for food technology, and in 2014, it was visited by 8,288 highly qualified decision makers.

You can meet us at the exhibition and lets talk about what we can offer you!

We are experts in fillers for water, soft drinks, juices, beer, wine, spirits and marinades in glass, PET bottles, cans, buckets, tubes or pouches.

With us you will find blow molding machines for PET bottles and jars, de-palletizers, rinser, filler, nitrogen dosing, label, sleeve-, capping machines, control systems, cardboard WA, tray erectors, and low energy heat-shrink packing machines + New environmentally friendly adhesives for labels and packaging.

We work all over Scandinavia and can provide you with most of the process automation equipment you may need.

Please contact our Sales Department for further details.


EB Teknik Borup has the pleasure to inform you that Gruppo Bertolaso is now able to provide a technical and commercial proposal for 2 new groups of monoblocks for beer.
Bertolaso has specifically designed a filler for filling this product at low and medium speeds.

Capacity from 1.500 - 30.000/bph.

bertolaso beer

The monoblocks are coming in two versions either mechanical as model Domina or as a electropneumatical model Elettra.

The prices are very competitive if compared with the high quality of the Bertolaso products to meet the market demands.

EB Teknik Borup is sole agent and partner in Scandinavia for Gruppo Bertolaso.

For more information, please contact us.

Best regards Bertolaso Nordic.


The company O. Kavli (Orkla Food) in Denmark have chosen to inject liquid nitrogen into their PET bottles of soft drinks with an injection system supplied and installed by our own technicians.

The advantage is that you can reduce the weight of each package, achieving a stiffer packaging and extend the life of the product.

We find that when you reduce the weight of a PET bottle, the bottle loses its strength and it can be both difficult to pack and stack as it loses its stability.

By inject liquid Nitrogen to  bottle the nitrogen expands in the PET bottle and the bottle would become stiffer, which causes the strength of the bottle becomes larger, it can thereby better withstand being stacked in height and is more comfortable to hold on to the consumer .

Contact us to learn more about your options for using Liquid Nitrogen in your production.


Latest News

SCANPACK 2018  23. - 26 October

                            Stand F02:82


EB Teknik Borup will at the the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.

You will find Filling, Capping, BiB, Nitrogen Doser, Control & Inspection Systems, Labeling and Packaging Machines  as well of Hot Melt for Packaging and Wet glue for labels.

For more information, please contact Bo Dalskov.

ANUGA FOODTEC COLOGNE                         20.-23. Feb. 2018

Here you will find a part of our suppliers. Are you visiting ANUGA, please contact us for further details.

Hall 8 C048 D049 F.B.L. Food Machinery

Filling- and capping machines for the food industri, such as jams, ketchup, mayo, ect. 

Hall  7.1 C108    Claranor

Pulsed Light Sterilisation equipment  for inline sterilisation of cans, caps, capsules, preform and containers,  typical for packaging material used for sensitive products with  low or non preservatives. 

Hall 81 C-039 ZALKIN

Capping machines for all kind of caps.

HALL 8 E 040 Carlo Migliavacca

Filling machine for Hot Filling of marmelade ect and products with pieces. 

Langguth GmbH

Labellling machines for all kind of containers and bottles.​

Drinktec München 11.-15 Sep. 2017

You will find our suppliers at Europe's most important trade fair in the beverages industry.

Hall C3 101. Bertolaso​ Will show a Rinser -Filler - Capper & inspections machines.

Hall C1 442. VBS VacuumBarriereSystems Will show Nitrogen dosers.

Hall C3 101. ZALKIN Will show capping machines for all types of caps.


Will show labeling machines for bottles & jars.

Hall B5 146. LANGGUTH Will show labeling machines for bottles, jars & cans.

Hall B5 319. BAUMER Will show a traypacker, Wrap-Around og sleeve wrapper with low energy .

Hall B5 319. cph Deutschland Will show a broad range of glues for labeling and packaging.

Hall A5 331. BBULL Will show control and inspection systems.

Hall A5 331. FT System Will Show control and inspection systems.

For further details about the companies or machines! please contact our Customer Service.​


Interpack Exhibition in Dusseldorf

Between Maj 4-10 2017

Visit our suppliers!

Hall 8 A 76 BAUMER - Wrap Around, traypacking and heat shrink packing - Beverage and Food industries

Hall 8 A C79 FT Systems - Control systems - Beverage, food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 11 F 20 STRATEC BBULL - Control Systems - Beverage, food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 13 B 40 VBS - Liquid Nitrogen Doser LN2 – Beverage and Food industries

Hall 13 D 63 Langguth - Labelling machines - Beverage, Food, Chem-Tech industries

Hall 15 B 56 CREMER - Tablet counting and packaging system – Pharma and Confectionary industries

Hall 16 F 24 AXOMATIC ​ - Tube and bottle filling systems–Cosmetic, Pharma and Food industries

Hall 16 D 23 HEINO ILSEMANN - Blisterpacks and packing – Pharma, Medico & Cosmetic industries

Hall 16 F 19 PackFeeder - Unscrambler for bottles – Beverage, Chem-Tech, Cosmetic and Pharma industries

Hall 14 E 31 ZALKIN - Capping machines for all industries

If you need mor info! please contact us.

FOODTECH Exhibition in Herning (DK) Between November 1-3 2016.

Booths No. L9312


Filling machine for beverage

Labeling machines for self-adhieves and cold glue labels

Label Glue & Hotmelt packaging glue


New lines of fillers for beer from Gruppo Bertolaso with very competitive prices in high quality.


Extend the shelf life and increase the strength of your PET bottles with liquid Nitrogen.

Read more about it ►


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