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​Are you going to visit the Drinktec Fair in Munich, from 12 to 16 September 2022?

​The Drinktec Fair is probably the most important fair in Europe within the beverage segment, for those of you who want to look into the future.

​Bo Dalskov and Søren Bjerg will be at the fair at the beginning of the week.

​Please contact us if you would like to meet at one of our suppliers.


Semi Automatic Fillers for juice, alcohol, liquid products and hand sanitizer is at stock and can be delivered within short time.

Please contact our sales Department for more information.





EB Teknik Borup has the pleasure to inform you that Gruppo Bertolaso is now able to provide a technical and commercial proposal for 2 new groups of monoblocks for beer. 

Bertolaso has specifically designed a filler for filling this product at low and medium speeds.

Capacity from 1.500 - 30.000/bph.

​The monoblocks are coming in two versions either mechanical as model Domina or as a electropneumatical model Elettra.

The prices are very competitive if compared with the high quality of the Bertolaso products to meet the market demands.

EB Teknik Borup is sole agent and partner in Scandinavia for Gruppo Bertolaso.

For more information, please contact us.

Best regards Bertolaso Nordic.

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​EB Teknik Borup is officielle FESTO SERVICE PARTNER

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