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Beverage & Food industry

We can supply single machines for complete lines according to your wishes, from Depalletizing/unscrambling to palletizing, throughout Scandinavia. 

Our engineering department works with our customers and suppliers, we have our own technicians who can install, service and renovate equipment and machines.

We can supply semi-automatic and fully automatic filling lines for any  from less than 1000 bottles per hour to over 70.000 bottles per hour.


EB Teknik Borup has an extensive network of partners and we can supply nearly everything for your needs.


Our filling lines can fill spring water, soda, juice, wine, liquor, beer, smoothies, ketchup, jam, food in glass, PET, alu bottles, Frugal bottles, pouches, (type doy-pack, pouches with spout) or in Bag-in-Box.

We have equipment for the small local company, aswell as international production companies. We have our own production of smaller filling and capping machine that can be manufactured in accordance with your needs.


we can supply VFFS and HFFS filling machines for drinks or food, or chemical products


we can put all kinds of capsules, screw caps, sports cap, press-on, on any bottle or containers


Labeling machines can apply either self-adhesive, wet adhesive or OPP labels to bottles or containers, we can also supply machines that can put sleeves on bottles or cans.


​we can wrap products in shrink wrap, on trays, wrap-around or in transport boxes, with tape or hot melt glue


We offer Pelletizing of boxes on all types of pallets and for all sizes capacity. We do also offer ROBOT Palletization systems.

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Quality control is an important parameter in the production! We can provide in-line control and inspection systems to control the entire process, from control of empty packaging, sizes, to levels, closure and proper labeling.


If you fill dairy products, foods or liquids without preservatives, we can offer in-line high-speed sterilization equipment without the use of chemistry, only with the help of powerful pulsed light. Typical for sterilization of pre-form, capsules, bottlenecks, jugs or cans and of course we can also offer traditional UV radiation.

Likewise, we can provide liquid nitrogen dosing machines that are used to clear the bottlenecks air, stabilize PET bottles or thin aluminum cans. If you replace the air with liquid nitrogen, you can extend the life of your product and reduce the rancidity of the product.


Glue is an important part of the process. We have many years of experience in selling glue to the breweries and the food industry. We can offer adhesives produced with sustainable products for wet adhesive labels and hot melt adhesives for OPP labels.

We can supply label adhesives for glass, PET and metal/aluminum cans.

In addition, we have a complete program in Hot Melt for packaging.


All our label machines and packaging machines are tested with our own glue, on your labels or packaging, to ensure optimum reliability, with the highest focus on the environment and economy.

If you want to hear more about our glue products and you want to test the glue on your application, give us a ring and we will do a test with you.

When you buy Hot Melt or Cold Glue from us, we offer at least once a year, a free check that machine, glue, and packaging material work optimally together

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We are now agent for REGINA CHAIN and can now also deliver conveyor and chains for your production. Please contact us for a cataloq and more information.

​We are official alliance member with ​
​Sweden's independent breweries

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