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EB Teknik Borup has an extensive network of partners, some of which are mentioned here. 

We always strive to view tasks from the customer’s perspective to find the best and most economical solution.

Our customers range from start-up companies to multinational firms. Our wide range of products and expertise allows us to support the customer throughout the entire process.

This also means that we collaborate with other suppliers if we find that their solution is better suited for the task or if our customers have a preference for purchasing equipment from another supplier


​​omnia technologies

Renowned worldwide as a leading

Italian supplier of complete filling lines, specially designed for wine, alcohol, juice, beer, water, soft drinks, spirits, cider and dressings.

 provider of intelligent solutions for every need in the bottling industry.

Bertolaso is a part of the Omnia Technology Group, where you can find AVE, INNOTECH, Zitalia among others.

Gruppo Bertolaso


​Slovenian manufacturer of process and filling machines, specially designed for use in the juice, wine, spirits and beverage industry.


fbl_logo_alta risoluzione

​Italien FBL Food Machinery designs, installs and tests comprehensive packaging lines for mayonnaise, tomato sauces, honey, jams, ketchup and vegetables pickled in oil and vinegar

F.B.L. Food Machinery

Italian manufacturer since 1875 of filling machines and pumps for sauces, liquids with viscous or delicate products, such as berries, fruit pieces, honey, pickled vegetables etc.

​​Carlo Migliavacca


Zalkin is a French global leader in high-performance capping and cap handling systems and member of the American PROMACH Group.


logo-fond blanc coupe

French manufacturer of Pulsed Light sterilisation system for package, as caps, cup, bottle neck, film ect. for beverage, food and pharma industri.


German leading manufacturer of labellling machines for all kind of industries.


cavagnino&gatti logo

Italian company Cavagnino & Gatti is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive and wet glue labelling machines worldwide.

Cavagnino & Gatti

rubino&galandrino logo

​Italian world leaders in capping and wire hooding. Specialised in "secondary sealing" of all types of bottles and products, we supply all the most important wine-producing companies in the world, as well as cider producers, breweries, distilleries, oil mills and vinegar producers

Robino & Galandrino


Italian manufacturer of equipment for the wine and spirit industry, located in the Asti district.


logo gpi

​​Italian manufacturer of automation package and package solutions for the food industry. Packaging machines, robot solutions, palletizing and more.

​GPI Group

01_logo packfeeder

Spanish manufacturer of bottle erectors with a focus on low noise and a small footprint. Traditional solutions and high speed robot solutions.


​Italian leading worldwide company in the production of capsuling and wirehooding machines for bottling lines, machines for sleeves and food automation.


​Italian manufacturer of vacuum mixers, tube fillers and pneumatic dosing equipment. 

Part of the MARCHESINI group.

Axomatic Group

logo 2

Is a Danish manufacturer and partner of automation and robotic solutions for industry.



​Regina Conveyor division displays a vanguard and complete high-quality product portfolio for conveyor systems for bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing applications:



American manufacturer of N2 dosing for bottle and can lines, for addition of liquid nitrogen.


German manufacture of high quality adhesives. Hotmelt for Packaging and Cold glue for bottle labeling.



Italian manufacturer of semi automatic fillers, capping and labeling machines for spirits, beer, juice, creme into bottles, jars, buckets and Doypack.


German manufacturer of blister, wrapping and packaging machines for the pharmaceutical and food industry of tablets, ampoules and syringes.

Heino Ilsemann

​Leading German manufacturer of high value test equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries worldwide.



EB Teknik Borup are Sales and Service Partners with a large number of manufacturers at home and abroad, which are not mentioned here.


We can supply almost everything, machines, spare parts,  from most manufacturers and offer service throughout Scandinavia.

eb logo nyt

Is a Swedish manufacturer of Lifting trolleys.

Lifting and moving is one of the most common and wearing chores in offices, factories, hospitals, department stores, garages, shops, warehouses, schools. With our lifts you make the job easy, safe, ergonomic and economical. With a wide range of tools to handle various lifting moments.


logo eurostar hd

Italien manufacturer of filling and capping machines for micro breweries.



EB Teknik Borup is officiel FESTO Partner and we can support with original komponents, service and replacement.


squadron logo 2022 es

Italien manufacturer specialized in filling monoblocks for wines, beers and carbonated and still soft drinks,


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We are now agent for REGINA CHAIN and can now also deliver conveyor and chains for your production. Please contact us for a cataloq and more information.

​We are official alliance member with ​
​Sweden's independent breweries

​EB Teknik Borup is officiel

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