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Second Hand​ equipment

We have second hand equipment on stock, please contact us for more information.

Secondhand  tabletop TENCO ROPP Capper for alu caps                                                                                                                25.500 DKK

Descenting head screw capper for closing pilfer proff alu caps. By changing the capping head (one for each type cap) it is

possible to close each type of caps including miniature bottles, Stelvin type alu capsules, and / or MCA type capsules


   Secondhand Sraml Semi automatic tabletop filler model Eco Line PS4e                                                                                  11.200 DKK

   Perfect for filling glass or PET bottles with juice, liquid, water, detergent, soap, desinfection

  Capacity approx. 420 BPH


 • Compact, stainless steel construction, tabletop machine.

 • Product buffer tank with mechanical float valve.

 • Set of gravity filling nozzles with adjustable filling level.

 • Bottle rest with adjustments for different bottlesizes.

 • Product inlet ball valve 1/2” with connection.

 • Product drain ball valve 1/2”.

 • Product level indication in front.

 • Max bottle diameter: 140mm.

 • Bottle height: 50 - 400mm.

 • Filling valve diameter: 15 mm.

Second hand  LANGGUTH Wet Glue labeller!                                                                             From                                                       €   5.500

​Perfect for Micro Brewery, who needs a front or WA label on a glass bottle.

​Capacity: up to 7.000 BPH. (stepless speed).

   The labeler can be delivered and tested with size of bottle and label.

​The machine is delivered fully funktional, with guarantee and a bucket of WetGlue form CPH Deutschland Chemie.

​Can be delivered painted and reconditioned after customers wishes.

​As good as new for € 16.000
​Packmaster II Pistonfiller from EB Teknik Borup                                                                        From                                                         €   6.700

    Can be used for pharmaceutical, beverage, diary, chemical liquid and creme products.

​Year 2019.

​500 ml cylinder,

​Capacity max 20 strokes/min.
​L Sealer with a heat shrink tunnel from Zeva - Model SSG 400                                                                                                              €    1.067

Secondhand filling line for PET flasker (Filling line for still products)                               ASK FOR PRICE​​ & SPECIFICATION

​Original for PET Bottle 33 - 50 cl Ø 65x210 mm, but can also be used for glass bottles)
​​Capacity: approx. 5.000 BPH (33 cl & 50 cl still water)​
​20 head Filler
​​8 head Capper​
​Capsule elevator with bunker
​​Conveyor system​
​Control system

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