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Social Responsibility

​The visions​ of ​EB​ Technology ​Borup ​A/​S​ is to ​provide service ​and ​quality ​at a high ​level.

To develop a​ recognized company​ that creates ​respect​ for ​the things ​we create​ jointly ​with ​our ​customers.

To​ keep up with ​current trends ​and customer ​requirements and​ work​engaged in​ the same direction to​achieve our goals.

Resolving the many​ different tasks, ​through a close and ​constructive dialogue ​both internally and externally.

Through ​leadership and communication, try to ​create a frame work​ for our employees, which ​allows​ them ​to​improve their skills ​and develop their​ professional and personal competencies.

​To be the preferred ​partner for​ trade, engineering, manufacturing and development.

For EB Teknik Borup, it is about being a responsible, sustainable company that takes people, the environment, and society into account.

As an innovative production & Sales compan, we connect our vision of social responsibility, sustainability, closely with our long-term business goals.

For us, it is about running a business in a way that minimizes negative impacts and maximizes positive value for people, the environment, and the economy.

We strive to educate young people, as we do with adults, to help with the development of competencies both professionally and personally. To help the local community, we chose to shop with them rather than a larger chain; to support local sports and health activities.

We are active in our local community and contribute by offering employment opportunities and sponsoring the local sports clubs as well as charitable causes. This is just one of the ways, in which we try to pay back to the community through active involvement in the local area.

The work at EB Teknik Borup at all levels is planned and organized so that it takes place most safely and healthiest.

The work is taking the prevention principles into account, e.g. the following areas;

The work is adapted as far as possible to the individual employee, concerning, for example, the design of the workplace and working conditions, as well as the employees' abilities and limitations. In this way, we can also limit unilateral burdensome work for the individual employee.

All work environment conditions are also included in our workplace assessment, just as the employees are involved in this process.

We work throughout Scandinavia and we want to be your chosen Sales and Service Partner!

Vision, Mission, and Values


The visions of EB Teknik Borup are to provide service and quality at a high professional level.

To develop a recognized company that creates respect, for the things we create together with our customers.


To follow the current trend and customer requirements, as well as work committed in the same direction to achieve our goals.

To solve the many diverse tasks, through a close and constructive dialogue both internally and externally.

Through management and communication, try to create a work environment for our employees that enables them to improve their skill set, develop their professional as well as personal competencies.


EB Teknik Borup purposefully works to develop and implement intelligent and beneficial automation and process solutions for the manufacturing industry, primarily in Scandinavia. We break with habitual thinking and combine known technology with expertise-, the latest knowledge-, and an innovative mindset. We dare to take the lead when it comes to innovative and groundbreaking solutions; creativity is one of the keywords in the DNA of the company. At EB Teknik Borup, it is the professional pride that drives our work and we never compromise on it.

UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

The UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development was adopted by the world's heads of state and government at the UN Summit in New York on the 25th of September 2015. It marked an unprecedentedly ambitious and transformative development agenda.

The Agreement became effective on January the 1st 2016 and up until 2030 set the course for more sustainable development, not just for people, but for the earth. The UN's world goals consist of 17 different goals, which it wants to fulfill by 2030

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We are now agent for REGINA CHAIN and can now also deliver conveyor and chains for your production. Please contact us for a cataloq and more information.

​We are official alliance member with ​
​Sweden's independent breweries

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