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​The visions​ of ​EB​ Technology ​Borup​A /​S​ is to ​provide service ​and ​quality ​at a high ​level.

To develop a​ recognized company​ that creates ​respect​ for ​the things ​we create​ jointly ​with ​our ​customers.

To​ keep up with ​current trends ​and customer ​requirements and​ work​engaged in​ the same direction to​achieve our goals.

Resolving the many​ different tasks, ​through a close and ​constructive dialogue ​both internally and externally.

Through ​leadership and communication, try to ​create a frame work​ for our employees, which ​allows​ them ​to​improve their skills ​and develop their​ professional and personal competencies.

​To be the preferred ​partner for​ trade, engineering, manufacturing and development.

Latest News

​EB Teknik Borup is officielle FESTO SERVICE PARTNER.


EB Teknik Borup A/S

Reg. no.: 11576494


Bækgårdsvej 47

DK-4140 Borup


Tele: +45 57 52 70 70 

Email: info@ebteknik.dk